Nigel Danson

I started photography when I was 11 years old and fell in love with it. What really got me interested was developing black and white films. I was intrigued by darkroom process and the magic of seeing the pictures come out of nowhere onto the photographic paper.

After spending many years setting up and growing a software company in the UK and US I had a number of life changing events that focused my priorities.

In 2016 I had a serious car accident whilst living in San Francisco. My heart stopped and I rolled my car multiple times. After further flatlines in hospital I was fitted with an emergency pacemaker. All this happened in Yosemite National Park of all places!

I went back to Yosemite when I had recovered and filmed what was to become the start of my now thriving YouTube channel.

At some time in life crossroads are presented to you or thrust upon you. I really believe that true happiness is about following your passion. In 2017 that big change came for me and I decided that I wanted to experience the environment I love so much more – the great outdoors.

My adventure as a full time landscape photographer began.

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