Mark Littlejohn

Mark Littlejohn is a latecomer to the world of landscape photography. He entered it via a love of Ullswater and the surrounding area. He didn’t have any idea what he was doing and didn’t really want to learn from others or learn from a book. He just went out and photographed the sections of the landscape that fascinated him.

He is a very conditions dependent, reactive photographer. Not for him the hope of flat light and then processing the image in such a way as to introduce light and dark. He thinks landscape photography should be a thrill seeking adrenalin rush. If the landscape doesn’t make your heart race and make you shout and swear then try a different pastime.

He takes the same approach to processing, using Lightroom to make general alterations to enhance the mood or atmosphere that he felt at the time. He spends his time nowadays working on the Ullswater Steamers and running bespoke workshops both in his beloved Lake District and in the Highlands of Scotland.

He also writes occasional articles for national photographic magazines.

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