Foto Fest South

2019 date to be confirmed

Image by Terry Donnelly

2018 Schedule


Valda Bailey
Photographic Impressionism

Creating beyond imagination. A talk detailing ways and reasons for looking beyond the obvious and representational approach to landscape photography.


Terry Donnelly
An Approach to People Portraits

People are unique and Terry has a love for shooting portraits of them. In this talk, Terry will share his approach to shooting portraits and his thought process before the shoot, during and after by using different types of lighting setups and lens selection to achieve the look he desires, Terry will speak about the connection the photographer has with each subject and how important it is to capture the persons personality in a photograph and the way he sets about doing that.

Come and join us for an informative, fun and eye opening presentation.


Julian Calverley

A Journey in Landscape Photography

Julian will be taking us on a photographic journey through his advertising photography, how that lead to his love of landscape work and in turn how he ended up making pictures entirely on an iPhone.

With a personal love for the great outdoors and over three decades of experience in professional photography, Julian Calverley has become one of the UK’s most revered landscape photographers. Hooked from an early age by the breath-taking beauty of the Scottish Highlands, he has carved out a unique cinematic style of landscape photography that is instantly recognisable.

Julian is drawn to the light quality that autumn and winter bring, repeatedly working at dawn and dusk, experiencing the spirit of a place as the sun rises and sets. Visiting these environments time and time again, often in extreme weather, allows him to witness the elements in all their different states. One element in particular – water, both in liquid and cloud form – features heavily in his compositions. By using long shutter speeds, Julian brings the movement of water into his landscape work, harnessing the beauty and motion of mountain rivers, streams, shorelines and skies.

His extensive post-production skills are then applied, with many hours devoted to each image. As a result, the finished pieces command a theatrical air, their atmospheric conditions beautifully observed.

With the allure of the wild continuing to inspire him, Julian is now focusing more on his landscape work than ever before. His second book ‘North Northwest’ is being published in September 2018.


Paul Goldstein

Catching the Moment

Join award-winning photographer and presenter Paul Goldstein on an outspoken journey of his wildlife photography. This will cover the poles and the plains, frequently concentrating on predators. It will give an in-depth look at his constant (and failing) quest for that perfect image. It will cover the pinnacles and frequent pitfalls of many years of eventful photography. Paul is a guide of some repute with a large band of thick-skinned followers.

This will be a wild ride, probably not for the faint-hearted but anyone who enjoys photographing wildlife or remote wildernesses should seriously consider attending. You have been warned.



Hosted by TogCast

In the final part of the day, we bring all 4 of our speakers together for a panel discussion, hosted by TogCast.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, perhaps inspired by our speakers’ earlier talks.

Audience participation is a must!

The Market Place

As ever, we will also have the Market Place, which is open throughout the day. We’ll have plenty on offer from our brand partners, and you’ll have the chance to chat to the experts and get advice on your next photographic purchase.


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